Thursday, November 20, 2014

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance pertains to one of the psychic abilities to get information about a person, physical event, location or object through ways other than the five physical senses. A person that has this psychic power is called a clairvoyant. There are various ways for clairvoyance to be used and expressed. Some people use or experience just one aspect of clairvoyance, although everyone is born with the potential and capacity for utilizing all of them. Different levels of clairvoyance can be experienced as well, depending on how it is expressed.

How does Clairvoyance work?

psychic mediumClairvoyance means clear seeing. Also known as second sight, the way the information is seen in the mind’s eye is similar to the way information is displayed during photographic or eidetic memory. This means the better you are at photographically remembering and visualizing, the more accurate your clairvoyant vision will be. However, this doesn’t mean that those who don’t have a photographic memory cannot be clairvoyants. Clairvoyance has different levels that can be strengthened through regular use and practice as well as any psychic abilities.

This psychic ability can be further divided into the ways that a clairvoyant processes the information he obtains. These variations are connected to the physical senses. A possible extrasensory analogue exists for each of the 5 physical senses, but the primary forms of clairvoyant expression include clear thinking (clairsentience), clear hearing (clairaudience) and clear seeing (clairvoyance).

Clairsentience pertains to the ability to learn things physically. Ideas, scenarios from distant areas, whole concepts and even the past and future enter your mind totally formed. It’s what you work on when you practice to develop your clairvoyance capabilities. All clairvoyance levels have an increasing clairsentience amount about them. The more you practice and the more experienced you are, the closer you’ll be to experiencing clairsentience and increasing your psychic powers.

Clairaudience refers to the ability to get psychic information audibly through sounds or voices that are processed via the auditory center. If you’re more inclined to recalling things audibly, then you’re more likely to develop this ability.

You can attain higher clairvoyance levels as you improve your psychic abilities. As you start viewing the world from an interrelated perspective and relearn how to take information, you’ll find yourself suddenly understanding things on a deeper level. Learning to let go of the self doubt and fear that’s holding you back will help you understand that you’re the only person who really chooses the limits.

Simple Exercise

To develop clairvoyance, you have to begin working on your visualization. Simple visualization methods will strengthen your ability. Try this simple exercise at home.
1.    Ask a friend to get a tray and put 5 different items on it. Things that you have never seen before are recommended.
2.    When everything’s prepared, study the items for ten seconds and then put the tray away.
3.    Imagine every item and where it was located on the tray. The key to this exercise is visualizing the items in your mind. Note down as many objects as you can remember in your mind’s eye. Recalling as much detail as possible is better.
As it gets easier, continue challenging yourself. Try increasing the number of objects and reducing the amount of time you spend recalling them. For more information on developing your psychic abilities and increasing your psychic powers please visit psychic medium Nadia Shapiro at

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