Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Develop Psychic Abilities Involving the Five Senses

Experts say that each individual has some degree of psychic powers and intuition. In definition, intuition is that inner guidance or knowing system in which a person can express and communicate through a range of psychic powers or abilities. There are others who are strongly gifted with either one or some of these abilities. At some point, a person may have started listening to these intuitions. There may be others as well who would want to learn how to develop their psychic abilities. To those who are interested to learn more about these abilities and develop theirs, there is actually a long list of psychic abilities. But the most basic ones are those that involve the five senses, which are:

psychic san jose1.Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing It is described as inner seeing and is also known in many names, including psychic vision, psychic eye and third eye. It is the most known among the psychic abilities that involve the five senses. This ability is also the least understood among the intuitive gifts.

As a psychic ability, clairvoyance is like watching a movie inside one’s head. It is not like seeing dramatic visions or a glimpse of the future like those seen in the movies. It works rather subtly. For instance, a clairvoyant may just see a number, symbol or a color. The meaning of what is seen can either be easily understood or not. One thing to keep in mind about this ability is that its meaning is not always and should not be taken literally. Clairvoyants might be shown with full blown premonitions.

2.Clairaudience - Clear Hearing It is the psychic power to hear messages from a higher guidance. The messages can be heard in many ways, including through the mind making it a form of another psychic ability, telepathy and the ears. Individuals with this psychic power are able to hear events that are occurring in the physical world, at a long distance and even in non-physical dimensions. Clairaudience is that inner hearing, which may suddenly let you hear a little voice inside your head telling you to stop or go right – an intuition. For the highly sensitive individuals like a psychic medium, they can hear things that regular people cannot like spirit voices and sounds.

3.Clairsentience - Clear Feeling This is one of the psychic powers that receive messages through emotions, physical sensations or feelings. Empathy is just one of the forms of this ability. It is this ability that lets you feel everything, for example when someone is angry or ecstatic. Clairsentience is the ability that easily lets you pick up on people’s moods. For people with this ability, they are able to easily determine when a person is lying since they can feel it.

 4.Clairalience - Clear Smelling It is one of the psychic powers that allows individuals to smell things that are farther than the normal smell range. A good example of this is the common phenomenon of smelling something familiar like their perfume or a person who has already passed away.

5.Clairgustance - Clear Tasting It is one of the psychic powers that allows someone to taste something without putting anything inside your mouth. This extrasensory perception is at times experienced by psychic mediums whenever giving a reading. For instance, psychic medium that are communicating with spirits may start developing that certain taste in the mouth like tasting chocolate cake if the spirit of the person they communicate with loves eating it.

This is the list of the most basic psychic abilities that a person may have. For more information on how to develop your psychic abilities check out Psychic Medium Nadia Shapiro at psychic san francisco

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